Musk aims to provide its customer with the highest quality of products with professional
strength, complete and highly-efficient OEM/ODM services. Musk aims to cooperated with
multiple famous brands from all over to bring maximum quality in East Africa. Our new
products are diversity of styles, high quality and innovative technology, are highly praised and
popular with our domestic and overseas high-end customers.



With excellent production equipment, and rich
professional knowledge and experience, we have
deveoped dozens of personalized sanitary napkin chips that lead
the world trend, such as bamboo charcoal, graphene, magnetism,
anion, far IR, NANO silver, chitin, yew, tea polyphenols, broken wall
synthetic, etc.
Our newest project Musk Care focus on distribution of eco-friendly
sanitary pads. In order to give more care to women, Musk Care is
committed to developing a healthier, safer, more skin-friendly,
high-quality sanitary products.
To care for the planet and to help our partner companies achieve
sustainable growth, we never stop innovating and developing natural
plant fiber and degradable sanitary products